Dr. Jonathan L. Kramer

    Dr. Jonathan L. Kramer

I’m Dr. Jonathan L. Kramer, Esq., JD, LL.M, DLP, your host and resident pundit/critic here at  I’m glad you’ve stopped by to take a look.

I’m a contract wireless planner who has advised hundreds of local governments around the country (and some outside of the U.S.).

By training and experience, I’ve been involved with RF engineering and technology for over 35 years. For over 19 of those years, I’ve advised my government and private clients regarding wireless tower siting issues; construction matters related to cell sites; RF safety considerations; and project aesthetics. I’ve also dealt with broadcast and amateur radio communications, as well.

As if that weren’t enough, I’m also an Attorney at Law admitted to practice in California and New Mexico. Not surprisingly, I focus on telecommunications law issues through my law firm, the Telecom Law Firm, P.C. (There’s an expanded bio of me at that site.) Through my firm’s consulting practice I also serve a wireless planner and expert witness in wireless tower siting cases.

In October 2001 I was awarded my Juris Doctor degree (cum laude) from Abraham Lincoln University School of Law in Los Angeles, California. In May 2013 I was awarded a Masters of Law in Information Technology and Telecommunications Law degree (LL.M with distinction) from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland.  In September 2016 I was awarded a Doctor of Law and Policy degree from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.

So, why did I create

Over a decade ago, I set up because I knew that government and private wireless planners are very visual people. What better way to show the planners what can be done…and what should be avoided…by taking and posting high-resolution photographs of what I like to call “The Good; The Bad; and The Silly”.

Over these past 10 years I’ve posted nearly 1,800 of my favorites in the Gallery section of the companion site, I have many, many more photos that haven’t appeared on that site.  Heck, ten of my photos appeared in the September 2007 issue of the National Geographic Magazine illustrating an article on camouflaged cell sites (the NGS website has an online feature about camo sites that use many more of my photos).

As for this blog, it serves as an important communications vehicle to share what’s happening in and with the wireless planning community, as well as the wireless industry and their attorneys (who also like to keep tabs on what I find interesting).

I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here, and come back regularly. To entice you to do just that, ever so often I’ll offer a gift to frequent visitors/reply-posters.

Finally, if you thing you know a bit or two about wireless tower siting matters or the law of wireless tower siting and would like to be a writer here, please contact me and let’s talk about it!

Best regards,

Jonathan Kramer