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Try to Cancel Your Comcast Service: I Dare You!

The Los Angeles Times (called the Los Angeles Dog Trainer by Harry Shearer) published an article today entitled, “Listen: Is this the all-time most horrible cable service call, ever?”

It recounts the audio-recorded efforts of one Ryan Block, former editor of Edgadget trying to get disconnected from Comcast.  He almost got disconnected from reality.

First, Read the article here.

Then go here to read more and listen to the audio.

If infinity means forever, does xfinity mean there are limits on forever?  I’m just ask’n.


A Tin Foil Hat with Every Vote

Candidate Kevin Moddus, sans his tin foil hat.

Candidate Kevin Moddus, without a tin foil hat.

Meet Mr. Kevin Mottus. He is running for Congress to fill the 33rd Congressional Seat here in Los Angeles being vacated by 40-year veteran congressional Henry Waxman.

I don’t think Mr. Mottus will be getting any campaign donations from the PCIA, CTIA, or the California Wireless Association.

Mr. Mottus seems to think of brain cancer as his chief opponent in the race for the 33rd District seat, and that cancer is from only one possible source.  Yup.  You guessed it.

The campaign website of Mr. Mottus makes clear his big issue — the one that populates the majority of his front page, and is reenforced by an entire  page devoted to scare videos.  He asserts that “[w]ithout any actual Safety Standards in place for this Technology, we are being used as a Massive Human Experiment on the long term Health Effects from RF Radiation Exposure from Wireless.”

Gee, I thought 47 C.F.R. 1.1307 et seq were those actual Safety Standards.


Listen to the recorded message Mr. Mottus bombarding via autodialers to 33rd District residents:

“Telecommunications: The Governmental Role in Managing the Connected Community” to be Updated

te_front_190x_01 (1)“Telecommunications: The Governmental Role in Managing the Connected Community”

I’m very pleased to share with you that Christina Sansone, Esq. and I have been signed by Solano Press to update, revise, and substantially expand Paul Valle-Riestra’s book, “Telecommunications: The Governmental Role in Managing the Connected Community.”

First published in 2002, Paul’s book remains a standard desk reference for planners and attorneys in the U.S. for all phases of governmental involvement in telecom law and policy.

Here is a link to the front/back covers of Paul’s book:

Paul was also one of the national deans of municipal telecom law lawyers, never shying away from a juicy telecom law or policy battle. A true giant among municipal attorneys, Paul rose through the ranks ultimately serving as the City Attorney of the City of Walnut Creek, California (where he was born and raised) until his untimely death in 2011 at the far-too-young age of 52.

Paul was also one of the national deans of municipal telecom law lawyers, never shying away from a juicy telecom law or policy battle. Material portions of 9th Circuit judge-made law can be traced to Paul’s cases, and the influence he exerted in cases argued by others.

I had the very real privilege of being a principal reviewer and contributor to Paul’s book, so you’ll understand why I am so proud to be following in his footsteps.

I especially thank his widow, Alice (known to some as “Honey Sponge Cake”) for making it possible for a new edition to come about.

Paul was my friend, mentor, teacher, and critic. I could not have asked for more from him.

I know that Chris and I will do him and his memory real honor as we take on our task to continue his work.


FCC State & Local Government Wireless NPRM Discussion Audio

The FCC’s State and Local Government webinar today touched on the pending Wireless NPRM.  I recorded the audio of the lecture and have provided it via the live link below.  The running time is about 19 minutes and 11 seconds.

If you’d like to download the MP3 audio (about 3 MB) you can right click below and save the file to your local computer.


Jonathan Kramer Accepted Into Northeastern University Doctor of Law and Policy Program

northeasternuniversitylogoI am very pleased to announce that I received word today that I have been officially accepted into the Northeastern University School of Professional Studies Doctor of Law and Policy program.   I will commence my cohort studies in July, 2014.  I’ll be traveling to Boston every month for two years to complete in-class coursework, which will be supplemented by studying between the in-class sessions.

Having completed my Masters of Law degree in Information Technology and Telecommunications Law at Strathclyde University just last year, this next step will be my final and terminal academic degree.

I want to thank three people in particular for supporting me in my next life endeavor: Fred Polner, Associate Master of Trumbull College at Yale University; Ken Fellman of Kissinger & Fellman in Denver; and Dr. Konstantinos Komaitis of the Internet Society and Strathclyde University, all of whom were kind enough to write strong letters of recommendation on my behalf.

Selling Your Cell Tower Lease Lecture 4/9/14


John Pestle and I will once again present an updated version of our very popular lease buy-out lecture, “Selling Your Cell Tower Lease.” This time we’ll present on April 9th, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. EDT/10:00 a.m. PDT. Lorman Education Services hosts many of the lectures John and I present, and they do an outstanding job . . . → Read More: Selling Your Cell Tower Lease Lecture 4/9/14

IMLA Webinar on Cell Site Leasing and Lease Sales 4-2-14


April 2, 2014 1:00 – 2:30 p.m. EDT – Telecommunications – Event Code: T50

Cell Tower Leasing

Cell Tower site leasing/licensing for local governments is an excellent way to produce new long term non-tax revenues, but crafting the right terms and drafting the proper documents are fraught with potential legal landmines. John Pestle, Esq. . . . → Read More: IMLA Webinar on Cell Site Leasing and Lease Sales 4-2-14

Why Die?

Does it strike anyone as being just a bit strange the Intel is promoting a wireless technology pronounced as “Why Die”? See:

Some marketing ‘genius’ should be taken down a few pegs…quite a few pegs, actually. It’s like 1985 and “New Coke.”

If history is a guide, then soon we’ll start hearing annoying Intel . . . → Read More: Why Die?

Missouri Limits Local Authority Regarding Cell Siting

Missouri Coat of Arms

Missouri Coat of Arms

Over the objections of local governments in Missouri, Governor Jay Nixon signed SB 650 into law on Thursday. At the same time, Governor Nixon signed into law three additional telecom bills: SB 649, SB 651, and SB 653.

SBs 649 and 653 regulate how the public rights-of-way are managed and . . . → Read More: Missouri Limits Local Authority Regarding Cell Siting

Discovery Channel: Hang Men

Discovery Channel premiers tonight a special on tower climbers who build and maintain communications/cell towers.

From the preview trailer, this looks to be a scary look at the business. Frankly, there’s no other way to look at the business.


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